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2017-18 Children's Faith Formation info, calendar, and registration forms

2017-18 Youth Group
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Young, old, new or an experienced Catholic,
there is something for everyone.

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Ages 4-11 Children's Faith Formation

Grades 7-12 - Jr & Sr High School Faith Formation

Adults - RCIA

Everyone - Scripture Study













Children's Faith Formation
(ages 4-11 years of age)

We have an outstanding Faith Formation program at St. Martin of Tours for Kindergarten through Grade 6.  Our program consists of approximately 80 children from many of the different elementary schools throughout the county.  We are one of the very few churches to offer religion sessions on Sunday mornings, and therefore, are very popular with parents.

We meet most Sundays from September through April each school year, from 8:15 to 10 AM. This time includes catechese for an hour, Liturgy of the Word from the Children's Lectionary and then joining families for the Liturgy of the Eucharist at the 9AM Mass.

If you have any questions please call Chris Davis at
(619) 698-8434 or email.

Sacramental preparation is included for First Reconciliation and Eucharist.  Attendance in sessions for two years prior to reception of the sacrament is required.  The program is staffed by volunteers and assistants who are of the highest caliber and donate their time, energy and talent to the program with a commitment rarely seen these days.

Contact Christine Davis at
(619) 698-8434 or chris@saintmartinoftours.cc

Junior High and High School
Faith Formation

St. Martin of Tours Youth Program is available to students attending 7th through 12th grades.  It encompasses junior high and high school Faith Formation classes and preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation.  A major emphasis of the program is service to the parish and the larger community.  Some of the activities involved with youth group are: retreats, drama productions, social activities, and community service projects such as assistance with Habitat for Humanity, Special Olympics, Soup Kitchen, etc.

Youth Faith Formation Registration Form

For more information see our Youth Ministry webpage or contact:

Susan Skinner
(619) 698-3180 (office) or
























The Rite of Christian Initiation is the way the Catholic Church accepts new adult members, as well as children of catechetical age, 7 years or older, who have not been baptized. If you or some one you know is interested in becoming Catholic, returning to the church, completing sacraments of initiation or learning more about your faith we would like to invite you to join us.  We meet on Tuesday evenings at 7 PM in Berry Hall from the end of August through to May.  Please view a more complete description of the sessions to the right.

Listen to two converts of the process (just a couple minutes each):
         Shiloh Spriggs           David Cavanaugh

If you would like more informaton about this process please contact:

Christine Davis at
(619) 698-8434 or chris@saintmartinoftours.cc

The Rite has multiple expectations:

  • As an interested person, you expect that we will provide you with the knowledge and support for you to become a fully initiated member of the Catholic Church.

  • As a RCIA team, our expectations are that you are committed to this Journey.

    • This commitment starts with requiring that you regularly attend our Tuesday evening sessions, about an hour and a half long. The information presented during the Inquiry sessions is designed to help you discern if you want to continue your Journey. We would like to extend an invitation for you to join us at Sunday Mass.

    • The Inquiry portion of the Journey ends with the Rite of Acceptance.

If you decide to continue at this point, the time commitment changes to add the Breaking Open of the Word. (BOW) BOW is part of Mass every Sunday. The schedule of BOW is included with your copy of the curriculum.

There are some special events which are also part of the Journey.

  • The Rite of Sending and Election
    The Rite of Sending will take place at Saint Martin’s at the BOW Mass (11 am). The Rite of Election will be at Golden Hall that afternoon.

  • Holy Thursday

  • Good Friday

  • Easter Vigil

  • The Journey continues on Tuesday evenings through May and end with a Mass to celebrate our Journeys and Pot Luck Dinner.

  • The last part of everyone’s commitment is that you feel welcomed by God and our community.  Our hope is that you want to become an active member of our parish and our Catholic Community.



















Scripture Study

About Scripture Study

Scripture is read, studied, and discussed in small groups using the "Little Rock Scripture Guide" as a basis.  Facilitators conduct groups which meet weekly.  Daily prayer and reflection is encouraged.

Bible Study Groups

Little Rock Scripture Study has ongoing bible study groups on Monday & Wednesday evenings in parishioner homes, and Tuesday mornings in Barry Hall.  Bible Study group meet every Monday and Thursday mornings at 9:00 am in the Rectory Conference Room.

If you would like to join one of the groups or obtain more information please call the
Parish Office (619) 465-5334